Followed by one steering group (SG), four working groups (WGs) and five case studies (CSs) have been set up to support the implementation and demonstration of the GOSC project. The SG provides general guidance for project management and supports the routine work of other groups. Four thematic WGs, namely Strategy, Governance and Sustainability WG, Policy and Legal WG, Technical Infrastructure WG, and Data Interoperability WG work on producing harmonized policies, interoperable protocols, transparent services, and sustained mechanisms for the design, development, and deployment of GOSC. Five typical use cases are selected for demonstration and validation, providing a concrete grounding and exemplars for the above topics. Initialized CSs include: Incoherent Scatter Radar Data Fusion and Computation, Cloud Platform for Camera Trap Data Management and Intelligent Analysis, SDG-13 Climate Change and Natural Disasters, Sensitive Data Federation Analysis Model in Population Health, and Open Reproducible Raw Diffraction Data for Access in Pandemics.

In addition, GOSC Secretariat is set up to coordinate the internal bodies within the GOSC initiative. Under the guidance of the GOSC SG as well as the Secretariat, a GOSC International Programme Office (GOSC IPO) was established in early 2022, fulfilling its main responsibility to perform the daily governance and management tasks associated with GOSC strategic activities.