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to co-design and co-build a cross-continental federated e-infrastructure and virtual research environment for global cooperation and open science by harmonized policies, interoperable protocols, transparent services and sustained mechanism.

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About CAS GOSC project

To strengthen the capacity of connectivity and interoperability between different research platforms, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) granted seed funding in early 2021 to support a five-year international pilot project entitled "GOSC Initiative." Strategic partnerships with CODATA and other worldwide open science information infrastructures have also been developed to expand the global network of the GOSC Initiative.

About CSTCloud & CNIC

With CAS funding and CNIC leadership, the CSTCloud team assumes the responsibility for integrating the cyberinfrastructure inside and outside academia, underpinning the fundamental technical infrastructure of the GOSC project. Taking advantage of the cloud computing technology, its main task is to construct and operate the cloud infrastructure monitoring platform and moderately develop the remote monitoring of the basic resources at research institutions. In addition, CSTCloud is obliged to construct, operate and maintain the cloud service platform as well as various services based on cloud resources, e.g., email system service, video conferencing service, passport service of CSTCloud, document archiving service for working groups and conference organization platform. This GOSC testbed is developed and maintained by the CSTCloud technical team.

As China’s earliest provider of supercomputing service, CNIC plays a key role as the operation management center and the main northern node of China National Grid. As the constructor, operator and service provider of the scientific database of the CAS, CNIC has established the largest research data storage facility and the basic data resource covering the broadest range of academic disciplines. In addition, CNIC serves as the constructor, operator and service provider of various important national systems such as China Science and Technology Cloud, National Data Sharing Service Platform for Basic Science, National Internet of Things Name Service Platform and Virtual Science Museums of China.

About GOSC Initiative

The GOSC Initiative is led by an international Advisory Board followed by a Steering Group for the design and implementation of all the tasks. An International Programme Office (IPO) has been established in the October 2022 to fulfil daily governance tasks assigned by the Advisory Board and the Steering Group. Initialized working groups, namely the Strategy, Governance and Sustainability, Policy and Legal, Technical Infrastructure, Data Interoperability have been established to carry on detailed work planned within the project. Another five early showcases are also arranged to demonstrate the maturity of the GOSC testbed and lead to open discussion and call for broader engagement in the long run.

Population health: Sensitive data federation analysis model in population health

Diffraction Data: Open reproducible raw diffraction data for access in pandemics